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Remove Personal Defender 2009

Posted by malwareremoval on October 30, 2008

Personal Defender 2009 is one of lastest counterfeit security software, its official site says that this program is a “New Generation of Anti-spyware Software”. As for me they missed one word – Fake!.
Personal Defender 2009 promotes itself with a help of Trojan-keylogger.WIN32.Fung. This Trojan shows fake security alerts, and trick pc users to download and install Personal Defender 2009. After installation Personal Defender 2009 will configure itself to run automatical spyware scans every time your computer starts. Personal Defender 2009 will found tonns of different infections, and to clean and defend your computer you must purchase licensed version of Personal Defender 2009.
So don’t fall in trap, use our automatical removal tool(SpywareDoctor + antivirus) to erase Personal Defender 2009 .

Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove Personal Defender 2009

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