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Remove Rapid Antivirus 2009

Posted by malwareremoval on November 13, 2008

Rapid Antivirus 2009 is a new rogue anti-spyware program, successor of RapidAntivirus about which we wrote before. But now this clone obtained new “abilities”. One of them is that your computer can be infected with this scam with a help of Trojan Horse , instead of fake online anti-spyware scanners. Also Rapid Antivirus 2009 learned how to hijack your web browser and redirect it to websites that sell malware, show fake full screen pop-ups (screensaver) that pretend to be system bug , that can seriously slow your computer. It’s important to mention that Rapid Antivirus 2009 shows that some legitimate system files are dangerous threats. Manual removal of Rapid Antivirus 2009 is feasible objective , but for very experienced computer users, so we recommend you to use our automatical removal tool (SpywareDoctor + antivirus).


Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove Rapid Antivirus 2009

3 Responses to “Remove Rapid Antivirus 2009”

  1. mary said

    Great article 🙂 looking forward to reading more posts!!!

  2. john said

    Great site, bookmarked!

  3. regguy said

    I absolutely loved reading through this specific post. I am going to be coming back in order to look over some more helpful opinions. Thank you.

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