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Remove System Security

Posted by malwareremoval on December 25, 2008

System Security is latest rogue antispyware application, clone of Winweb Security. System Security can usually appear after downloading and installing video codec which came with Vundo Trojan. Once System Security get in touch with your pc it will generate numerous pop-ups, fake alerts and inform computer user that system is infected with viruses and various Trojans, worms. Also System Security can perform spyware scan and state falsified results with one purpose – trick computer users into buying licensed version .
But remember System Security is useless software and don’t worth a penny. We advise you to remove System Security using CyberDefender.

Download CyberDefender to remove  System Security

One Response to “Remove System Security”

  1. Matthew Kiefer said

    Look trust is a hard thing for me and everyone is telling me they can get rid of this thing called System Security so I pay them and install thier program and nothing. it’s still there. I cant aford another program to get rid of this how can these people bleed us this way it’s sick. If I could walk I would kick there ass’s

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