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Remove Personal Antivirus

Posted by malwareremoval on March 14, 2009

Personal Antivirus is latest and very dangerous rogue antispyware product, clone of well known Internet Antivirus Pro that have done a lot of harm to computers all over the world. Parasite uses Trojan horses and missleading online advertisments to get onto your computer. Once inside Personal Antivirus will perform system scan and list you variety of spyware and malware detected. But in order to remove all this threats you must purchase licensed version of Personal Antivirus for about a 50$.
We storngly recommend to remove Personal Antivirus as soon as posible using SpywareDoctor + antivirus


Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove Personal Antivirus

One Response to “Remove Personal Antivirus”

  1. I was playing Farmtown in facebook when the personal antivirus thing come
    up did not know what it was it was to late to stop it !

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