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Posted by malwareremoval on April 28, 2009

PCAntiMalware is latest rogue antispyware application, successor of Cleaner2009 and AntiMalwareSuite rogues. PCAntiMalware is promoted through the use of Trojan horses that display fake security alerts on your Windows Taskbar. These alerts will inform you that you have security risks. If you click on that alert, PCAntiMalware will be installed without any notification or users approval. Once inside, PCAntiMalware will configure itself to run automatically every boot up. Also parasite will promote full system scan and list you variety of infections that cannot be removed until you firs purchase licensed version. But you must remember, that are all fake and are shown to scare you and push into purchasing full version. You may also notice that after PCAntiMalware was installed your computer start to operate slower. That’s because PCAntiMalware uses too much PC recourses. Also parasite may display nag screens, fake security alerts and annoying pop-ups on your desktop. We strongly recommend you to remove PCAntiMalware using SpywareDoctor + antivirus.


Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove PCAntiMalware


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