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Remove Malware Catcher 2009

Posted by malwareremoval on May 10, 2009

Malware Catcher 2009 is new rogue antispyware application from the same family as Virus Sweeper and Virus Shield 2009. Parasite is promoted through the use of Trojan horses that generate fake security alerts on your computer. If you click on that alerts Malware Catcher 2009 will be automatically downloaded and installed onto your PC. Also parasite is advertised with a help of bogus online anti-malware scanners, which will find variety of non-existent infections on your computer. Once Malware Catcher 2009 is installed, it will configure itself to run automatically every boot up. While running, Malware Catcher 2009 will flood your system with annoying pop-ups and alerts. Also Malware Catcher 2009 will promote full system scan and list you variety of infections. But trial version of Malware Catcher 2009 isn’t able to remove any of those threats. And you must purchase full version for about a 50$. But don’t hurry, licensed version of Malware Catcher 2009 have nothing to do with removing any types of internet infections. We strongly recommend you to remove Malware Catcher 2009 as soon as possible using SpywareDoctor + antivirus


Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove
Malware Catcher 2009

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