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Remove Windows Antivirus Pro

Posted by malwareremoval on August 2, 2009

Windows Antivirus Pro is new rogue security application, manual removal of which is very complicated and routine. You ask why? It’s all because after Windows Antivirus Pro is installed it will block almost every application that you will try to execute blaming that they are infected. But don’t fall into despair – even manual removal of Windows Antivirus Pro is still possible. Windows Antivirus Pro is promoted via Trojan horses, fake online antimalware scanners and other malware. Once Windows Antivirus Pro gets in touch with your system it will flood your system with fake security alerts informing that infection was detected and about high security risks. Also Windows Antivirus Pro will perform full system scan and list you variety of infections that cannot be removed until you first purchase licensed version. But you must remember that all those threats are fake or legitimate files and there is no need to remove them. We strongly recommend you to remove Windows Antivirus Pro using SpywareDoctor + antivirus.


Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove Windows Antivirus Pro

One Response to “Remove Windows Antivirus Pro”

  1. I personally don t have this problem but I asked my friend it the had the problem they said they resolved it easy in 3 step:
    1.Online scan bitdefender 2009-2010 because it will come out soon
    2.Installed bitdefender 2009 or 2010
    3.Spyware doctor if the first 2 don t solve the problem or the second has problem installing change 3-2.

    OK all the best,jonny out ..

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