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Remove Alpha Antivirus

Posted by malwareremoval on September 23, 2009

Alpha Antivirus is new bogus antivirus application, successor of infamous Personal Antivirus. Alpha Antivirus is extremely dangerous software because it will block almost all legitimate antivirus and antispyware applications, Windows tools such as: Task manager and Registry Editor once installed. So it will be very hard to remove it. Also parasite will impersonate Windows Security Center which will inform you that your machine is seriously infected and you must purchase full version of Alpha Antivirus. Once installed, Alpha Antivirus will flood your system with exaggerated scan results, fake security alerts, and annoying pop-ups. All these are made with one purpose – to convince you that your computer is seriously infected and you must purchase licensed version of Alpha Antivirus. But you must remember that Alpha Antivirus is absolutely useless software, its databases are empty and application has nothing to do with detection or removing any types of threats. Generally speaking – Alpha Antivirus is a money loss. As you see Alpha Antivirus is mostly unwanted software on your computer, so we advise you to remove it as soon as possible using SpywareDoctor + antivirus.

AlphaAntivirus.GUIDownload SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove Alpha Antivirus

4 Responses to “Remove Alpha Antivirus”

  1. DannyCL said


  2. stefy9867 said

    Hi, thanks for sharing this info.

  3. John said

    I’m trying to remove alpha antivirus. I have spy doctor. It doesn’t seem to remove it. What am I dooing wrong?

  4. Debayan said

    Thank you sir for your help……If I ever get the scoundrel who invented this bogus AV I will surely chop him or kick him to death.It made a hell of my PC

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