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Remove SaveArmor

Posted by malwareremoval on September 23, 2009

SaveArmor is antoher representative of WiniSoft rogue family which consist of SaveSoldier, SaveKeep, Winishield, WiniFighter, WiniBlueSoft, Save Defender, Trust Warrior, SoftSafeness, SafetyKeeper. As its predecessors, SaveArmor is promoted via Trojan-Downloader. This Trojan will download and install Trial version of SaveArmor onto victim’s machine without user’s approval. Than same Trojan horse will flood your system with fake security alerts appearing from your Windows Taskbar and informing that your computer is seriously infected and the only way out is to purchase licensed version for about a 50 bucks. Than parasite will terrorize you with full pop-ups and exaggerated full system scan results which are always the same – your computer is overfilled with threats that cannot be removed unless you first purchase licensed version. Moreover, SaveArmor will generate window that impersonates legitimate Windows Security Center which will pressingly advise you to buy licensed version in order to remove all detected infections and protect your data and privacy. But you must remember that SaveArmor databases are empty, so it can’t do any removal tasks. Last but not least, even licensed version of SaveArmor can download more malware to your computer. We recommend you to remove SaveArmor as soon as you detected it on your PC manually or using SpywareDoctor + antivirus.


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