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Posted by malwareremoval on September 23, 2009

SecurityFighter is the newest member of well-known family includes SaveDefender, SoftSafeness, SafetyKeeper and SaveKeeper. Though, it is brand new, SecurityFighter doesn’t have any differences from its brothers. They all use the same plan, with the only result: to trick you into buying their products, that will give you nothing more, but new problems. Always remember that SecurityFighter works only for its creators, and never thinks about others, but them. Right after crept in your computer, SecurityFighter starts its activity. It creates numerous folders throughout the system. After each scan SecurityFighter will present these folders as virus. It was made to scare ordinary users, and then make them think that they need an immediate help. Surprise, SecurityFighter also gives you this imaginary help. It will show you a link, from where you could be able, for a not small payment, to purchase the full and absolute registered version of SecurityFighter. Unfortunately, everything is just a well-made mask. This application is not going to help you. Moreover, after a little period of time, it will install a Rootkit on your computer, without your confidence. Even though, you have already purchase the license, it’s been highly recommended to get rid of SecurityFighter, and all the other products connecting with it using SpywareDoctor + antivirus. What is more important, if you didn’t uninstall this malicious application, it will always remember you about itself, by showering buzz pop-ups upon your work window. All in all, SecurityFighter is not the protection your are looking for. Even more, these “armors” any minute can turn into the weapon, that will fight, but against you.


Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove SecurityFighter

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