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Posted by malwareremoval on September 25, 2009

Security Tool is the brand new antivirus application. The problem is Security Tool doesn’t work as it should. Well, it does work, but it doesn’t help you. Interesting thing about this software that it was created be hackers who wants to make a good fortune on you. Security Tool is the rogue, or fake antispyware application the only aim for which is trying to trick you into spending a lot of your money for imaginary protection. The first thing Security Tool will do, once inside your system, is to create numerous of new files around your computer. Do you know why? After each scan, Security Tool represents those files as malicious programs inside your PC. Everything was made for very clear reasons: trying to make you be afraid for your computer and start doing the best you can to protect it. Security Tool knows about it, and it gives you an easy link, where you can register your version of Security Tool for a not a little payment. Unfortunately, this malicious software has a lot of other ways to trick you. One, and very common, is a pop-ups attack. That means, Security Tool will pack your work windows with different notifications about either purchasing the license or the need of a new scan, with the old results. All in all, Security Tool is, without doubts, not that tool you really need to protect your PC. Even more, this tool can play another role: a killer of money and computer systems. We strongly recommend you to remove Security Tool using SpywareDoctor + antivirus.


Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove Security Tool

One Response to “Remove Security Tool”

  1. STUBX said

    Thank you!
    For some reason, it takes a really long time to install though!

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