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Posted by malwareremoval on September 30, 2009

SecureVeteran is not a retired combatant, but it has one mission: stealing money and tricking ordinary users into buying useless products. The deal is SecureVeteran is a simply rogue antispyware applications. It is a creation of the same hackers made TrustWarrior and SaveDefender and all of these software works only for them. The main idea of their creation is making as much money for their “fathers” as possible. SecureVeteran, once inside your PC, starts scanning the whole system. But first it creates numerous of files around your computer. After each scan it presents those files as infection. Everything, SecureVeteran does, is fabricated to make you believe that your beloved PC is in a great danger, so you will search for any kinds of protection. SecureVeteran wants to influence you that it is the best way to keep the system in safe, but it needs to be paid for. Unfortunately, for a big amount of money, you will get a huge amount of new troubles, and nothing more. Moreover, it is not going to stop to inform you that you need to pay. After every scan it will give you a link where you can purchase the full licensed version. Even though, you have already done that, SecureVeteran will showered buzz pop-ups upon your work windows, reminding about itself. All in all, we highly recommend you not to trust SecureVeteran and all other rogue antispyware programs of this type using SpywareDoctor + antivirus. Remember, that the biggest trouble you have is SecureVeteran itself, stored down on you computer.


Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove SecureVeteran

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