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Posted by malwareremoval on October 8, 2009

The first thing each of us might think, after we have first heard about Cyber Security, is that this application is a powerful way of protection. Unfortunately, we commit a mistake thinking that this software could be our defense. Cyber Security is a simple rogue or fake antivirus application, and it will do nothing good to user’s PC. The problem is Cyber Security was created by hackers. That is why this badware will always trick you into buying their products. Once being installed, Cyber Security is going to create numerous of files all over the system, and will present these files as virus after every scan. Clearly that everyone would panic after has seen so many viruses being stored down on the machine. After this one would search for different variants to find the program that might help. Cyber Security will be the first application that would offer its help, but you have to pay for this help. A common thing, you might think and immediately pay. We warn you not to do this and that is why: first of all those viruses Cyber Security wants you to believe in are not real, so you pay to fight the threats that doesn’t exist. Second interesting fact about such type of badwares they will never stop, until they steal as much of your money as possible. Moreover, Cyber Security will always bother you with numerous pop-ups and show them upon your work windows every time you log in the system. Because of the reasons from the above, we highly recommend you not to use Cyber Security to fight the imaginary threats, but get rid of this badware as soon as possible using SpywareDoctor, because the biggest threat on your computer is Cyber Security by itself.


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