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Remove Antivirus rogue appliaction

Posted by malwareremoval on October 9, 2009

Antivirus is the newest rogue or fake antivirus application. Why it is rogue? Well, because everything it does is directed only on tricking you into buying worthless products and getting absolutely nothing back. After it encroached your system, Antivirus starts scanning your system and gives the identical results every time after each fake-scan. Why it is fake, you might ask. It is so, because, without doubts, you don’t even have near 99% of what Antivirus is trying to make you believe in. All of those threats, Antivirus shows you, were created by this rogue antispyware program by itself and they are just simple files stored down all over the computer without you concerning. Anyway, Antivirus will also offer you to buy the license to keep working. Either way, you are not going to get any help from Antivirus. Though, even if you purchase that license you will neither get help, because everything from the above is just a good-practiced presentation and nothing more. The most terrifying thing about Antivirus is that this badware could download a real virus, and you are not going to find out about it. Frankly speaking you will notice that something is going wrong, but till that time it might be too late. All in all, be careful with any products of this rogue antispyware application, and, even though you have already purchased the license, get rid of Antivirus as soon as it is ever possible using SpywareDoctor.


Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove Antivirus rogue

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