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Posted by malwareremoval on October 12, 2009

It is hard to imagine our existence in the modern world web without using any sorts of protections. Numerous viruses, malwares and tons of other malicious files populate the whole Internet. To inhibit their irruption in our computers we must use antivirus. Unfortunately, there are people who want to make a good fortune in illegal way. They create fake or rogue antispyware applications, and those people are called hackers. Trust Soldier is such type of badwares which was made to trick people and steal their money. Being installed on PC, Trust Soldier starts immediately scanning the system. Then you will be worn that you computer is infected and by purchasing not very cheap license (around 50$, if to be exact) from the fast link Trust Soldier gives. You might think that it does work, but meanwhile it only makes you believe that it protects your system, because you would see that after each scan you have the same problems. Unfortunately, everything doesn’t stop only on fake scans. Every time you log in the system Trust Soldier will bespatter your work windows with annoying pop-ups with the offer to purchase the license for better protection. But all of that is nothing more but hacker’s way of making money, and believe you are not going to have any profits from it. Moreover, after some period of time Trust Soldier will actually download and install more malware, without your concerning of course. That is why it has been highly recommended to get rid of Trust Soldier and all of its products using SpywareDoctor + antivirus as soon as it is possible, either way you will face so many problems you could not even think about.


Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove Trust Soldier

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