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Posted by malwareremoval on October 13, 2009

TrustFighter is a brand new representative from infamous Winisoft family. TrustFighter have more than 20 predecessors, important to notice that all of them have same graphical users interface (GUI) but different names (sometimes even hilarious). Parasite uses backdoor Trojan horse in order to get on to your machine without any notification or approval. This Trojans are usually pose themselves as update to Adobe Flash. Once inside and active, TrustFighter will configure itself to start automatically every boot up. Also parasite will flood your system with fake security alerts and pop-ups appearing from your Windows taskbar informing that your computer is seriously infected and you must purchase licensed version in order to solve this problem. Next step which TrustFighter uses to convince PC users that their computers are infected and they must buy full version is full system scans. Results of this scans are predicable – PC is infected. But you must remember that all those threats displayed after each scan was created by TrustFighter and are absolutely harmless. As you see TrustFighter is a typical rogue antispyware application which was created in order to take money for nothing. We advise you not to purchase licensed version of TrustFighter and remove it as soon as it is possible using SpywareDoctor + antivirus.


Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove TrustFighter

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