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Posted by malwareremoval on October 17, 2009

Soft Soldier is a scam program that was created by the same hackers produced WiniGuard, Trust Soldier, Safe Fighter and Trust Fighter which are fake antispyware applications. When got in your computer, Soft Soldier begins bogus system scans. After each of such fake scans Soft Soldier will alert you about numerous malwares and viruses spread over the whole Operation System. With the usage of such fake scans strategy, Soft Soldier is attempting to make you believe that you need some protection. This antispyware application plays the role of such help very well, giving you an immediate link where you are able to download and purchase the registered version at. Unfortunately, for not small amount of money (around 50$, if to be more specific) you are going to get absolutely worthless products back, because how you can fight threats that even do not exist? Soft Soldier just tries to deceive the user and use their money. Too bad, but Soft Soldier will not stop only on fake scanning. It will interfere your computer work by sending countless buzz pop-ups that will report you about license-purchasing need. Also every time you are going to get absolutely worthless scan results that give you everything but true virus detection results. Please note that after some period of time Soft Soldier will download real viruses, malwares and other malicious threats without your concerning. That is why keeping Soft Soldier to be stored down on your PC is highly dangerous not only for your wallet, but also for your computer productivity and its life-time.


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