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Posted by malwareremoval on October 18, 2009

Active Security is a newborn in the family of rogue antispyware applications included Protection System and CoreGuard Antivirus 2009. Active Security is like a twin of its elder brothers, that is why the way they work is almost the same. The main idea for rogue or fake anti-spyware applications is to trick ordinary users into buying absolutely worthless products. Being installed on your computer, Active Security will immediately perform fake scan of your OS and after every scan this badware will alert you about numerous malicious files all over your computer. Please note that everything Active Security is doing is directed only on making you believe that your PC is infected and that you need help to get rid of those threats. Without doubts, most of us after have seen so many viruses stored down on his PC will panic immediately and is going to search for any help as soon as possible. That is why Active Security will give you a fast link with the registered license that is supposed to help. Unfortunately, you are going to purchase absolutely useless product that is going to do none of good. What is more, Active Security is configured to uninstall other security programs that might detect it as malware application. All of this make Active Security feel really free inside your system and do its bad work properly. We highly recommend you to get rid of Active Security as soon as possible using SpywareDoctor, either way it can be too late to save your money and all private files on your own PC.


Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove Active Security

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