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Posted by malwareremoval on October 21, 2009

SoftCop is latest rogue antispyware application from the same hackers that developed Soft Soldier, Trust Fighter, Trust Soldier, Safe Fighter, Trust Cop. There are more than 20 representatives in infamous Winisoft rogue family. As its elder brothers SoftCop uses backdoor Trojan horses and misleading online scanners in order to get onto victims machine. Once inside and active, SoftCop will be configured in order to start automatically every boot up. While running, parasite will flood your system with fake security alerts and pop-ups appearing from your Windows Taskbar and informing about numerous infections. SoftCop will constantly perform full system scans and list you variety of threats detected. But trial version of SoftCop isn’t able to remove detected infections, and in order to erase all threats you must purchase licensed version. But you must know that all those infections was created by SoftCop in order to scare you and to push into buying licensed version which in reality are absolutely useless. As you see SoftCop is mostly unwanted application on your computer, we advise you to get rid of SoftCop as soon as possible using SpywareDoctor + antivirus.


Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove SoftCop

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