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Remove Windows System Defender

Posted by malwareremoval on October 23, 2009

Windows System Defender is a misleading application that was created to scare ordinary users and trick them to steal their money. Windows System Defender is a member of the same family included Windows PC Defender and Windows Protection Suite . Though it is brand new, Windows System Defender works the same way its forerunners do, and is not the application that you should trust your computers’ security to. Upon the system entering, Windows System Defender will create bunch of files in Operation System directories for their further presentation as malicious threats. Actually, each system scan from this badware will show tons of malwares and viruses spread all over your computer. Do not panic and do not ever trust Windows System Defender. Do not lose your mind, start looking for help from wherever and purchasing worthless licenses that will never help you. We are to slow you down. Windows System Defender is just making you think you are in danger, but fortunately everything is just a simple scam. If you are informed by Windows System Defender about numerous malwares stored down on your computer, it is 100% not true. If you receive different alerts or system reports about infections inside your PC, you must not trust them. If you Windows System Defender showered buzz pop-ups upon your work windows, then you must be in a big trouble. We advise you to remove Windows System Defender from your computer when you first face these symptoms and under any circumstances do not purchase its license usin SpywareDoctor.


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One Response to “Remove Windows System Defender”

  1. gomerjones said

    I used the actual Windows Defender Program in Vista to remove this. It seems to have worked. I was lucky in a way I could not afford any of the licenses. So I worked through it until I realized that Windows has a perfectly decent spyware, virus remover that I normally do not use.
    All attempts to get help from McAfee were wasted, and I may quit using it. I have paid them for 10 years and gone boldly through the net without worry, only to not get help the firs time I need it. Looks like I wasted 10 years of subscription payments.

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