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Posted by malwareremoval on November 1, 2009

BlockScanner is latest bogus security application form infamous Winisoft family. Parasite uses backdoor Trojan horses which are usually masked as Flash Player or Video Codec’s updates. This Trojans will secretly download and install BlockScanner trial version onto victims machine. After installing rogue, this Trojans will create numerous files with random names all over computer in order to detect them as infections in further scans. But in reality these files are absolutely harmless. Once installed, BlockScanner will be configured to start automatically every time you turn on your computer. BlockScanner will perform full system scans and list you a lot of infections that cannot be removed with a help of trail version. And of course you must upgrade your BlockScanner version for about a 50$ in order to remove all threats and protect your data and privacy. But you must remember that all those infections was created by parasite itself in order to scare you and push into purchasing absolutely useless piece of software called BlockScanner. That’s why we recommend you not to pay for BlockScanner and remove it as soon as it is possible using SpywareDoctor + antivirus.


Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove BlockScanner

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