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Posted by malwareremoval on November 14, 2009

AntiAID (sometimes called Anti AID) is the newest member of Wini Soft Family of rogues. The most famous of its members are Trust Cop, Soft Veteran, Soft Cop and many others. The hackers who produced this badware had changed its interface, but the strategy and manners of working are still the same. AntiAID is wormint into your system by using different malicious pop-ups or video codec updates, and everything is promoted by Trojan applications. While being installing on your PC, AntiAID will also create numerous files under different names in order to present them as threats after scanning your system. This is made to influence you to trust AntiAID and purchase its products. Unfortunately, this badware will never help you, because it is created by hackers, which means that you are not going to have any profits from its using. Moreover, if you didn’t purchase the license, AntiAID will shower annoying pop-ups with the reminding of license importance, either way you will not be able to fight those threats with AntiAID. Actually, you will not lose a lot, if you are not able to use AntiAID. Moreover, it will be even better for you, because AntiAID is doing everything, but protecting your system and your private documents. The last, but not least: if you keep AntiAID on your computer for a while, it will download Trojan virus without your concern and that is the time when real troubles begin. Be aware of using AntiAID and it has been highly recommended to get rid of this rogue malware as soon as possible using SpywareDoctor + antivirus.


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