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Posted by malwareremoval on November 14, 2009

WiniSoft Family does not stop to pack us with absolutely worthless products. The latest software they produced are System Veteran, Soft Cop, AntiAID and now among them appeared one more badware which name is System Warrior. This is the newest creation of hackers that was made to steal your money. Very commonly that System Warrior sneaked into your system with the help of misleading websites or online video codec upgrades. Upon installing on your computer, System Warrior will also create start up registry entry in order to begin working after every time you log in the system. Once installed, it will run false scan of your system and each time state that your computer in great risk of being infected with Trojans, warms and other malicious programs. Moreover, System Warrior will not you allow to remove all those threat unless you purchase the license. We highly recommend you not to do it, because everything System Warrior does was created only in order to trick you and influence you to throw your money away. What is more, System Warrior will spread annoying notifications and pop-ups all over your working windows with the reminding of not purchased license or about great risk of being infected. Trust us; it is not the worst thing that might happen to you. The biggest troubles will appear, when System Warrior will download Trojan virus, of course without your knowledge or consent and will lead to completely lost of all your private documents stored down on your PC and the death of your machine. Least said soonest mended. Remove System Warrior and all of its products as soon as it is possible using SpywareDoctor.


Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove System Warrior

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