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Posted by malwareremoval on November 15, 2009

System Veteran is the newest rogue antivirus application that was made in order to trick users into spending their money for absolutely worthless products. This badware is a member of WiniSoft Family that always surprises us with variety of its helpless products. System Veteran is pushed through the usage of Trojan viruses that is why it is extremely dangerous to keep it being stored down on our machines. While active, it will run fake scan of the whole system. Without doubts all the results of such scans must be ignored as all those threats are false, and those files were created by System Veteran itself in order to make you feel scare about your computer safety and trust System Veteran as the only protection. That is the way System Veteran tricks users into buying its license, either way they will not be able to fight those malicious files. Moreover, this badware will also display tons of pop-ups or notifications stating about your computer is in danger without purchased license, or that you need one more system scan. You may absolutely composedly ignore them, because this all is just scam. Interesting fact about System Veteran is that this rogue antispyware application will modify Windows Security Center in such way, that it will also inform you about the importance of System Veteran activation. System Veteran even blocks system tools, and entering security websites in order not to be detected. All in all, System Veteran is a misleading badware that does nothing good for your computer and its protection, so be careful and get rid of System Veteran immediately using SpywareDoctor + antivirus .


Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove System Veteran

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