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Posted by malwareremoval on November 19, 2009

Do not ever think that Control Center is new security software and it is going to keep your machine safe. Unfortunately Control Center is new rogue (commonly known as fake) antispyware application that has been created by the same hackers produced Safety Center and Privacy Center. Though it is brand new, the creators were not that imaginative and kept the same specific strategy for this badware as well. How does Control Center worm into our computers? Every time you visit different misleading websites or upgrade video codec to watch online movies you can be easily caught by this malicious badware. Without your consent the Trojan will install Control Center on your computer. After the installation, Control Center is going to run a fake system scan and state that your machine is infected. Do not worry about these results, because very probably you do not have any of those threats on your PC. Control Center is just trying to convince you to throw your money away on purchasing absolutely worthless license. Even more, Control Center never stops only on fake system scans. It is going to flood annoying pop-ups and bogus notifications about license importance and you are going to face them every time you log in the system. All these pop-ups like scan results must be ignored because it is nothing more, but a simple scam. Control Center will block the access to all security websites in order to prevent its detection and will state that such websites are very dangerous for the security of the whole PC. We highly recommend to get rid of Control Center as soon as possible using SpywareDoctor, either it might be too late to save all the private documents and files stored down on your beloved computer.

Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove Control Center

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