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Posted by malwareremoval on November 25, 2009

Eco Antivirus is the first rogue antispyware application that is claimed being carrying about environment and nature donating 2$ from every license purchase for forests protection. This very majestic idea is just a part of tricking plan to make users believe that using Eco Antivirus is the way of protection they need. Moreover they can be helpful for environment. In reality, no one is going to donate any money for forests protection and everything is just fake propaganda. This badware is pushed by the use of Trojans and different other malicious programs that makes Eco Antivirus more dangerous. Once inside the computer, Eco Antivirus is going to run system scan. All scans will state the same results about your computer being infected with numerous Trojans, worms and other nasty files. What is more, you will not be able to use Eco Antivirus to get rid of those threats until you purchase the license. Unfortunately, you are going to pay for absolutely worthless products that is why it has been highly recommended not to follow any directions Eco Antivirus offers you to and under no circumstances buy or download its products. Any time you log in the system, Eco Antivirus will start sending you annoying pop-ups screaming about extremely danger for your computer without registered license or about importance of new system scan. This all is just simple scam that should be easily ignored. While using Eco Antivirus this rogue antispyware application will deny access to security related websites in order to protect itself from further detection. All in all, Eco Antivirus despite all its bright promises is only simple rogue that was created by hackers and that will do any good either to the environment or to the security of your computer.

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