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Remove Antivir

Posted by malwareremoval on November 29, 2009

Antivir is new scareware application which is state to be rogue antivirus tool. It is rogue because it uses fake system scans in order to trick you into buying its worthless products. While installation, Antivir will spread tons of different files throughout your system. After that, Antivir will run system scan and, without doubts, will state that your machine has been infected with numerous Trojans, adware and other malicious files. This is how all rogue anti-spyware programs act in order to trick you and make you feel scared about your PC. Do not panic and begin offer everything Antivir says you to. Remember that Antivir is a rogue and malicious software that should not be trusted. Except fake system scans, Antivir has a lot of others nasty plans of influence. It is going to modify startup registry, so it could begin to work every time you turn on the computer. Antivir is going to flood annoying notifications and bogus alerts. Everything is made only to influence you to trust Antivir and purchase everything this rogue antivirus software offers you. All these annoying pop-ups and system scans are nothing more, but scam and must be ignored. Interesting fact about Antivir is that this badware is going to block the access to different security related websites stating that they are dangerous and unwanted and that is how Antivir protects itself of being detected. All in all, Antivir is software you must not trust and it has been highly recommended to remove this badware from your computer as soon as possible using SpywareDoctor.

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One Response to “Remove Antivir”

  1. greg said

    This virus is annoying! I have found you and other source of information that helped. Others are useless. Thanks!

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