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Posted by malwareremoval on November 29, 2009

REAnti is new software in the world of rogue antivirus applications. It is classified to be rogue antispyware software because it pushed by the usage of extremely dangerous Trojans. You can be infected with REAnti while upgrading video codec to watch movies on line or just while visiting misleading websites. Without doubts everything would be made without your consent. After invasion of your system, REAnti will reboot Windows and run fake system scan. It is meant to be fake, because all malicious files it shows were created by this badware itself. It is a part of REAnti’s strategy of tricking users and stealing their money. Probably, each of us would start searching for different solutions that might help to fight such great amount of threats. That is why REAnti will immediately give you a fast link where you can download and purchase the registered license, either way you will not be able to use REAnti to remove those threats. In this case you can easily ignore all alerts REAnti shows you, because they are just a method of influence and doesn’t do any bad for your machine. Another option for REAnti to trick its victims, is sending them bogus pop-ups stating that somebody is trying to invade the computer. Everything is done to make you feel conscious about REAnti productivity and after that do everything it says to. The last but not least about REAnti work, is that after some time it is going to download Trojans behind your destroy or steal not only your wallet, but also all private documents and files stored down on your PC. All in all, if you face any symptoms from the above, you must know that you are infected by rogue antivirus application and it is recommended to remove the badware as soon as possible using SpywareDoctor.

Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove REAnti

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