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Posted by malwareremoval on December 2, 2009

In the world of rogue antispyware applications the brand new creation has appeared. Its name is AntiAdd. This product is extremely dangerous for your machine and your wallet as well. It is promoted towards destroying users’ private information and tricking them into buying absolutely helpless products. Being pushed by Trojans, this badware can easily sneak into your PC and you doubtfully are going to give permission for that. The very first thing AntiAdd is going to do is to scan the whole system. Using fake scan results, this unwanted and very dangerous application tries to influence and you make you believe that it is exact security program you are looking for. Unfortunately, everyone who thinks that is making a huge mistake. The deal is AntiAdd creates all those files that it states to be threats, so they do not do any bad for you computer’s productivity. Badware will offer you to visit its official website, where you can find and purchase AntiAdd’s registered license at, either way you will not be able to use AntiAdd to remove all threats. It is just a part of nasty strategy to own your money. Another goal of AntiAdd is trying to attempt is making you trust this rogue antispyware application. For this reason, every time you log in your system, will send you tons of pop-ups or bogus alerts about license necessity or that someone was trying to worm inside the computer. Such annoying pop-ups like all scan results are nothing more but scam, which should be ignored. Moreover, if you do care about your computer, you must remove AntiAdd from you computer using SpywareDoctor or it can be too late to change anything and then you will face real dangerous troubles.

Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove AntiAdd

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