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Posted by malwareremoval on December 5, 2009

Wini Guard family of rogues has been in action since October, 2008. From this time they have created 49 different rogue antivirus applications some of which has the same GUI (Graphical User Interface). Constantly, all products of this company is coming out under Innovagest 2000 SL group authority. Let us introduce to you all nasty softwares these hackers has already produced: WiniGuard; WiniBlueSoft WinBlueSoft; Wini Fighter; Winishield; Save Keep; Save Soldier; Trust Ninja; Save Defense; Block Defense; System Cop; Quick Heal Cleaner; Save Keeper; Safety Keeper; Soft Safeness; Trust Warrior; Save Defender; Save Armor; Security Fighter; Security Soldier; Secure Veteran; Secure Fighter; Secure Warrior; Trust Cop; Safe Fighter; Trust Soldier; Trust Fighter; Soft Soldier; Soft Cop; Soft Veteran; Soft Stronghold; Shield Safeness; Soft Barrier; Block Watcher; Block Scanner; Block Keeper; Block Protector; System Veteran; System Fighter; System Warrior; TRE AntiVirus; Anti AID; Site Villain; Link Safeness; Secure Keeper; KeepCop; REAnti; RESpyWare; AntiAdd. Finally, we can find the latest product of this badware producers and it is number 50. Its name is AntiKeep. Though, it is brand new, this malicious software does not have many differences from its predecessors. Being pushed by the usage of Trojans, this rogue antispyware program can easily worm into your system while you are visiting misleading websites or when you just updating video codecs to be able to watch movies online. Without doubts, everything would be done without your consent and knowledge. Because of the usage of such virus in its work, AntiKeep is meant to be rogue security application. What is more AntiKeep does is that this badware uses fake system scans in order to make users be scared about the protection quality of their machine. Please note, that all system scans that AntiKeep runs are nothing more but scam, and all the malicious files it states about has been created by the badware itself in order to scare, so they do none of bad for your computer and can be easily ignored. Be careful and never use misleading applications as security softwares, especially is such software is nothing more but rogue antivirus program. We highly recommend you to get rid of AntiKeep and never trust it in the future or any other of the rogue security softwares from the above.

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