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Posted by malwareremoval on December 10, 2009

Antivirus Live is the misleading and rogue antispyware application. Though it is brand new, Antivirus Live is not very different from its elder brother Antivirus System Pro. This unwanted software is installed by Trojans and this makes it extremely dangerous. Without doubts, you are not going to know about is or give any consent, Antivirus Live will be installed either way you want it or not. After installation, Antivirus Live will scan your system and show tons of various infections inside. Moreover, you will not be allowed to remove any of those threats until you buy program’s registered license. In order to protect itself of being detected, Antivirus Live will modify the Proxy settings in your Internet browser, so you are not able to visit any of websites except for Antivirus Live official page and it will continue until you purchase the license. Also, Antivirus Live will block the access to almost all applications on your computer stating that they are infected or extremely dangerous and must be removed. Sure you cannot do it without license purchasing. Such strategy penetrates your computer work and makes it really hard and annoying. One more thing about Antivirus Live is that it is going to send numerous bogus and vexing notifications about insufficient level of computer protection. You are going to face it, so many times that you barely can do anything on your computer. All these pop-ups as well as scan results are only scam, and should not consider being important and useful. It was created only to trick victims and nothing more. If you face any of the features from above, know that you are infected with rogue antivirus application and that it is highly recommended to get rid of Antivirus Live at once using SpywareDoctor.

Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove Antivirus Live


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