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Posted by malwareremoval on December 15, 2009 is a misleading unwanted site that promotes malicious rogue antispyware application called Antivirus Live. The most common symptoms of being infected with this dangerous virus are the following: you may face difficulties using your Internet browser. The main aim for is to make you feel scared about your machine and make you believe that you are in great risk of being infected. Another bad feature of is that every time you want to see any page will redirect you to Antivirus Live official website where you will be offered to purchase registered license of this rogue security tool for better protection. Unfortunately, if you do so, you will spend your money on absolutely helpless program that will bring you more damage than protection. As you have already notice, redirects users against their will, so it can be working to make some profit to them. We advise you to be very careful using and do not follow any suggestions or offers from this nasty virus. It is promoted by Trojans, so it is very unwanted and dangerous to mess around with such powerful nasty tool. Make sure you prevent yourself of being tricked, either way you can be infected with numerous malicious files without even knowing about it and by the time you find out about everything it might be too late to change something. We recomend you to get rid of this nasty hijacker using SpywareDoctor.

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