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Posted by malwareremoval on December 21, 2009

Malware Defense is unwanted security application that everyone must avoid and, under no circumstances, must be trusted or downloaded. Unfortunately, the Trojan horse that this malicious software is pushed by will sneak inside your computer and without any permission will download and install Malware Defense on your computer at once. Therefore, pay attention to what websites you are visiting and do not download any misleading files you are not sure about. While installation of Malware Defense the same Trojan will also create tons of different files under random names in Windows\ Windows 32 directory. When the badware is installed it will reboot your system and will be programmed to start its nasty work right after you logged in into Windows. The first thing Malware Defense is going to commit is to run fake system scan. “Why is it such scan fake?” – You might ask. The answer is simple. All the threats Malware Defense tries to make you believe in are those files it has created before and they are absolutely harmless. Malware Defense creates them as a tool of influence, so they do any harmful work except scaring the users and making them trust that their machine is being infected. Moreover, some of those threats Malware Defense alerts you about are very important Windows files and after been removed it may have a huge impact on your computer work. Malware Defense also spreads bogus notifications that are nothing more but scam, like all scans reports. All in all, Malware Defense is malicious and unwanted security application that will never protect your computer and moreover, could cause even more problems you have ever had.

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