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Remove Data Doctor 2010

Posted by malwareremoval on December 23, 2009

Data Doctor 2010 is a scare tool which pretends to be antivirus application, and meanwhile stealing your money and damaging your PC. Data Doctor 2010 is distributed by numerous Trojans that you can easily pick up from misleading web pages that offers you to download this infection to be able to use their services. Of course, you have no idea that the file you are downloading is a nasty threat. After invasion, this Trojan will download Data Doctor 2010 and install it on your computer. After rebooting the system, Data Doctor 2010 is going to start fake system scan. All the results of such scan are untruthful and only the way of scaring users and tricking them into purchasing absolutely helpless license. It is worthless because all threats Data Doctor 2010 alerts you about were made up by badware itself and do not cause any damages to you machine. Another very dangerous and annoying feature of Data Doctor’s 2010 work is a flood of numerous pop-ups and bogus alerts stating about low level of protection and importance of registered license to rise protection level up. Remember, it is just a simple scam, but nothing more. What is more, Data Doctor 2010 will deny you an access to security websites and block all real antivirus applications in order to protect itself of detection. So, if you faced any features from the above, if your antivirus sends to you tons of annoying pop-ups that you can barely work, consider it to be rogue antivirus application that should not be trusted and must be removed from your PC as soon as possible using SpywareDoctor.

Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove Data Doctor 2010


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