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Posted by malwareremoval on December 28, 2009

What do you know about APCprotect? You might think that it is the newest tool that will help you to fight all the threats and infections stored down on your computer. Unfortunately, you will be very surprised and distressed when you found out that security application on your computer called APCprotect is just a rogue antivirus application that only pretends to beprotecting your system. Indeed, this nasty application needs only to trick you and steal your money as well as your privacy. APCprotect is promoted by Trojan horse virus that you can be infected with while visiting misleading web sites that requires video codec or flash player update to watch movies and video online. Being settled down, Trojan is going to stealthily download APCprotect and install it on your computer. Evrything will happen behind the back of the user, so the next time you will enter your system, you will face APCprotect scanning your computer. Such fake scans will show the same results. It will state that you have great amount of different viruses on your computer. Please remember that all of these nasty files were created by the program itself and do not do any bad for your computer. The main aim for such files is to make users feel afraid about their protection and influence them to purchase worthless license in order to get rid of them. Furthermore, APCprotect will deny access to security web sites to prevent being detected and removed. In most cases APCprotect will state that such web links are infected or potentially dangerous. All in all, APCprotect is a nasty tool for hackers who make their fortune stealing your money and damaging your computers at the same time.

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