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Posted by malwareremoval on December 29, 2009

GreatDefender is unwanted software that damages not only your computer, but your wallet as well. Being pushed by the usage of Trojans, this badware can easily worm into users’ system when they do not expect it to. You can be infected with this virus in many ways, but the most common way of infecting is visiting misleading pages that offers to update some video codec to watch online films and videos. While you are updating such codecs, Trojan horse sneaks inside your system and starts its nasty work. It will download GreatDefender on your computer and will modify it the way it will start with Windows. This means that every time you log in into Windows, GreatDefender will begin scanning your system and sending to you bogus notifications. All scan result of GreatDefender will always alerts about tons of infections and will not allow you to remove threats with the help of this badware until you visit its official website and purchase registered license. Note that all infections GreatDefender alerts you about are unreal and were made only to scare you and influence to buy helpless license. Another nasty feature of GreatDefender is flooding annoying pop-ups and bogus notifications about new scan importance or about pros of registered version. Remember that such pop-ups, like scan results are only a way of influence and should be ignored. What is more important, it has been highly recommended to remove GreatDefender from your computer using SpywareDoctor and never purchase or use the same type of software afterwards.

Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove GreatDefender

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