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Remove AntivirusPC 2009

Posted by malwareremoval on January 4, 2010

To be brand new does not mean to be different. This statement works every time when we talk about rogue antispyware applications. AntivirusPC 2009 is one of such unwanted badware that uses the same strategy of tricking and stealing. Being pushed by the use of Trojans its chances to sneak into your computer tremendously increase. You can pick up this infection while visiting some misleading web sites where you have to download Flash Players or update other video codec to be able to watch movies and videos. Moreover, sometimes this infection can worm through such famous and popular web pages as MySpace, Face Book and YouTube. Once inside, AntivirusPC 2009 will attempt running fake security scan. Please note that all threats alerts you about are harmless and where created by the badware itself in order to make you feel afraid about your machine and influence you to purchase license, without which you are not going to be allowed to use AntivirusPC 2009 to fight those unreal infections. Such rogue antispyware application will not stop its trying to steal money only on fake scans. It is also going to send tons of bogus notifications to user. In most cases such pop-ups state about high risk of being infected without purchased license, or that someone tried to invade your system. Note that such annoying pop-ups, like all system scans have nothing to do with a security of your computer, so they should be ignored. Moreover, AntivirusPC 2009 is highly recommended to be removed from your PC using SpywareDoctor, immediately right after detection.

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