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Posted by malwareremoval on January 6, 2010

PcsProtector (aka Pcs Protector) is nasty security software that only pretends to be working as antivirus application. Indeed this rogue antispyware program is promoted by the use of Trojan horse that you can easily be infected with by visiting misleading web pages that offers to download some video codec or promotes online system scan on their web site. All in all, you will doubtfully notice that some infection has sneaked inside your computer. After invasion, Trojan will inconspicuously download PcsProtector and install it on your computer. PcsProtector is programmed the way it is going to start working right after you log in into Windows. Also, this rogue antispyware application uses the strategy of fake system scans. This means that each scan this badware runs is absolutely helpless and should be ignored. The deal is all the threats it alerts you about were made up by this badware only for one reason: to scare you and influence users to visit program’s official web site and purchase the license to be able to remove infections found. Remember that there is no need in purchasing such license because it is going to be just a simple waste spent of money. Moreover, you will be recently receiving bogus notifications and annoying pop-ups on your desktop. All these fake alerts will state about security danger or about someone just attempt to sneak inside your system. Such pop-ups like system scans should not be trusted and it has been highly recommended to remove PcsProtector from your PC as soon as possible using SpywareDoctor, or you are going to face huge troubles that could not be fixed at all.

Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove PcsProtector

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