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Posted by malwareremoval on January 7, 2010

No Malware is a deceptive program that acts like security application, but indeed has nothing to do with computer protecting. The main purpose this rogue antispyware was made for is tricking and fooling ordinary users into purchasing products they do not actually need. The way No Malware works has no differences from its predecessors and badwares of the same type. The very first thing No Malware is going to commit is to run a scan of the whole system. After this “No Malware” will state about tons of infections being stored down on your computer. No Malware would be so kind and will always help to get rid of all threats, but for not a little payment. Please note that for around 50$ (this is the average cost for rogue antispyware applications) you are going to get absolutely worthless tool that will never help to fight infections. Be careful, because some of the files No Malware states as threats can be important Windows parts. Missing those files will lead to huge problems with your PC’s functioning. Moreover, No Malware is going to let all different viruses, malwares, worms, adwares and other nasty files get inside your machine and feel free to do everything they were created to. Fake system scan is not a stopping point for this badware. Annoying pop-ups and bogus notifications on your desktop is also a part of a nasty game of No Malware. All such pop-ups state about license importance or about not appropriate level of your security that can be fixed only after buying so called “full” version of No Malware. To cut the long story short, we advise you to get rid of No Malware and all of its parts using SpywareDoctor and never trust or buy software of the same type afterwards.

Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove No Malware

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