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Posted by malwareremoval on January 9, 2010

APcDefender is rogue antispyware application that uses fake system scan in order to influence people into buying absolutely worthless products. This badware is a new creation of Wini Blue family of rogues. However, it is available only for the German, French and Italian languages and this is unexpected feature that all the other malwares of this Wini family of rogues doesn’t have. All in all, you can pick up this infection when downloading some programs that are stated to be useful to be able to watch some videos online. Trojan horse pretends to be a part of such program and secretly sneaks into your computer. Being inside, this virus will download APcDefender and configure it to begin its perilous work immediately after you have log in Windows. When installed, APcDefender is going to reboot your system and run the scan of your computer. Surely, this scan is going to show you a huge list of infections being situated inside your PC. Doubtfully, any of those threats are real or can harm your system. The deal is everything APcDefender alerts you about is an attempting of influence victims into purchasing programs they do not actually need, so waste spent of their money. This is the way all rogue antispyware applications make profits for their creators, but not users at all. What is more important, APcDefender has its own methods of protection from being detected and removed afterwards. It will hijack your Internet browser and deny access to those pages that contain security and detection tools that can help to get rid of APcDefender. To cut our story short, we highly recommend all users who have faced such problem to remove APcDefender from your computer as soon as possible using SpywareDoctor + antivirus and never trust or purchase anything such badwares offers, otherwise you can get into more and dangerous troubles.

Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove APcDefender

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