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Posted by malwareremoval on January 10, 2010

SysProtector is just another antispyware application that has nothing to do with protecting of computer. Like APcDefender, SysProtector only available in German, Italian and French languages, but this does not mean that SysProtector is less harmful and dangerous as other malwares of this type. SysProtector is promoted by Trojans that can be picked up from numerous insecure and misleading web sites that requires video codec update to watch video online. Thinking that you are downloading some video player you are actually letting Trojan horse get inside your computer and download SysProtector without your consent. While installing SysProtector, this nasty Trojan will also drop tons of files under random names in Windows folder. That is made to detect those files as threats during further system scans. Interesting thing about such rogue antispyware applications is that removing any infections with its help is impossible without purchased license which you can find if to follow a link SysProtector offers you to. Remember that SysProtector is not a security tool, and does not protect your system from all kinds of malwares, viruses, worms and other perilous infections. Everything such nasty software does is scamming users out of some amount of money. Also, SysProtector will hijack your web browser, to be able to control your Internet traffic and to be able to block all security related web pages that can remove SysProtector from your PC. By letting this infection being running on your computer, you, at the same time, are promoting hackers illegal activities and commit a great risk to lose not only some of your money, but also all important documents on your computer, as the whole system as well. That is why, it’s been highly advised to get rid of SysProtector immediately using SpywareDoctor + antivirus and never trust such unwanted applications in the future.

Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove SysProtector

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