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Remove Ghost Antivirus

Posted by malwareremoval on January 17, 2010

Ghost Antivirus is simple rogue antispyware application that has the same nasty features as all the other such malwares has. Being promoted by the usage of Trojan horse, Ghost Antivirus becomes very dangerous and extremely harmful for all of your system. You can pick up such infection while staying on misleading and unreliable web pages that requires downloading some video codecs or offering users to scan their system online. All in all, when this infection has sneaked into your computer it will secretly download and install Ghost Antivirus onto your PC. What is more, tons of different files are going to be created by this Trojan in Widows\System 32 directory. They would have random names and are going to be detected by Ghost Antivirus after each scan. This is a wide spread strategy that all antispyware applications follow. So, after Ghost Antivirus has scanned your system, it will show a list of infections that actually do not exist. Moreover, Ghost Antivirus will not allow removing those threats without purchased license, which you can find if to follow a link Ghost Antivirus offers you to. Please note, that everything Ghost Antivirus says is just an attempting to scare you and to steal your money. For this reason such fake system scans must be ignored, and Ghost Antivirus license must never be purchased. An interesting fact about Ghost Antivirus is that this rogue antispyware application will force into your Internet browser and will deny access to security related pages, preventing its detection and further removing. All in all, Ghost Antivirus is unwanted application and the only thing it does is tricking people and making them feel afraid about their PCs, giving no profit instead.

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