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Posted by malwareremoval on January 21, 2010

Protect Soldier is another rogue antispyware application that has lately appeared on the market of rogues. Being absolutely new, does not give this badware a chance to be different. This means that Protect Soldier acts like all other fake security programs. What are the main characteristics of being infected with Protect Soldier. First of all, you will be recently receiving all kinds of bogus notifications reminding you about license importance, about low level of security without such license, or that someone was trying to invade your computer, but has been successfully stopped by Protect Soldier. Remember that everything Protect Soldier alerts you about is simple scam and is a try to fool users and influence them to spend their fortune on, without doubts, worthless products. Also, a strategy of fake system scan is very dangerous and, unfortunately, very gainful for hackers produced Protect Soldier. First of all, Protect Soldier will imitate a search for infection and after that will show you a list of threats that stored down on your computer. Please note that all these infections do not even exist inside you PC. Moreover, some of them are legitimate and extremely useful Windows files and their removing would cause huge troubles with your computer productivity. That is why the license of Protect Soldier must not be purchased and files it detects as threats should not be deleted at once. The last, but not least: Protect Soldier will get over your Internet browser and is going to filter your traffic. This malicious badware will deny you all accesses to those websites that have tools to detect and remove Protect Soldier from your PC. Everything has been said: do not ever trust Protect Soldier and purchase everything this scareware offers you to. Moreover, it is highly recommended to get rid of Protect Soldier as soon as possible using SpywareDoctor + antivirus until it is not too late to change anything.

Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove Protect Soldier

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