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Remove Win Security 360

Posted by malwareremoval on January 22, 2010

Win Security 360 is rogue antispyware application that was created by the group of Russian hackers. Being pushed by Trojan Win Security 360 can secretly worm into your computer while you are thinking that update video codec’s to watch movies online. After invasion this infection is going to download Win Security 360 and install it onto your computer. Meanwhile, Trojan will drop numerous files in Windows\system32 directory and save them under random names in order to detect them as threats after each scan. An interesting fact about Win Security 360 is that this badware will not allow victim to remove those threats unless the license will be purchased. Remember that Win Security 360 is unwanted application and everything it offers you is nothing more but tricking and fooling. What is more, Win Security 360 will hijack your Internet browser and will become able to control your web traffic. With this possibility Win Security 360 could deny and block you an access to different security websites that can detect and remove this badware. You will face alerts about unsafe the link. Moreover, Win Security 360 will flood tons of annoying pop-ups and notifications. Such pop-ups will appear all over your desktop and will state about the invasion attempting from some other computer that has been successfully stopped by Win Security 360, about active infection detection and all other information to make you believe that Win Security 360 is really working. Please remember that everything Win Security 360 informs about is simple scam. That is why all pop-ups and alerts must not be trusted and Win Security 360 should be removed from your computer immediately right after its detection using SpywareDoctor+Antivirus.

Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove Win Security 360

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