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Remove Desktop Security 2010

Posted by malwareremoval on January 24, 2010

Desktop Security 2010 is rogue antispyware application that has lately appeared in the world web. Being produced by hackers, Desktop Security 2010 will not help any user to protect their computers from the incoming danger. Desktop Security 2010 acts like antivirus software, but please note that Desktop Security 2010 is not a security tool, so never purchase anything this badware offers you to. So, pushed by the Trojan horse, Desktop Security 2010 can sneak secretly into your PC and begin its nasty work without your consent or knowledge. Once inside, Desktop Security 2010 is going to scan your whole system and will definitely display tons of threats that might be stored down on your PC. Never trust Desktop Security 2010 as it is rogue antispyware software and the main purpose it serves to is tricking users and fooling them into purchasing license that will only help to remove infections that are not exist. The deal is Desktop Security 2010 detects files that were created by the same Trojan in order to make victims feel scared about their machines and spend money on helpless products. What is more, Desktop Security 2010 will try to hijack your Internet browser to be able to control user’s traffic and block access to those web pages that can detect and remove Desktop Security 2010. You will see alerts about the potential danger of the site you’d like to visit and Desktop Security 2010 will suggest no to follow the link afterwards. Also, Desktop Security 2010 will modify Windows Security Center so it will show the absents of antivirus and will offer to buy Desktop Security 2010 license. Please note that it is a simple scam and like all system scans must be ignored and never trusted later. All in all, Desktop Security 2010 is unwanted application that will hijack your system and will only steal your money and privacy, but will never protect your computers. We strongly recommend you to remove Desktop Security 2010 as soon as possible using SpywareDoctor + antivirus.

Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove Desktop Security 2010

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