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Remove Antivir 2010

Posted by malwareremoval on January 29, 2010

Antivir 2010 is the latest rogue antispyware application that has appeared lately in the world of rogues. Like many other badwares of this same type, Antivir 2010 is distributed through different misleading websites and numerous adwares and malwares. While visiting some insecure web page you are getting under a great risk of being infected. Trojan horse will enter your system secretly pretending to be a useful file that will allow you to scan your system online. Indeed, it is going to download and install Antivir 2010 onto your PC, and of course everything would be done without your knowledge and permission. But once inside, Antivir 2010 will run its own system scan that will detect and display tons of infections that are located on your PC. What is more, this rogue antispyware application will not let you remove those threats until you visit its official website and buy its license. Please note that those infections are in reality not harmful and were made up by the badware itself in order to make you feel afraid about your computer and influence you to purchase absolutely worthless products. Moreover, some of the files that are detected as infections might be useful Windows parts and their removing will cause extremely damages for your PC. Antivir 2010 will also try to get over your Internet browser and will control your every step inside the world web. This will give Antivir 2010 a possibility to deny access to security related websites that can detect and remove Antivir 2010 from your PC. Every time you turn your computer on Antivir 2010 will begin its nasty work. It will modify Windows Security Center, so you will receive tons of annoying pop-ups and notifications informing that your PC doesn’t have enough level of security without purchased license, or that an active threat was detected. It is only the imitation of working, but indeed nothing is happening to your computer. All in all, Antivir 2010 is unwanted application that has nothing to do with computer protection, but is only directed on tricking and scaring victims into buying helpless products. Therefore Antivir 2010 is highly advised to be removed from your computer SpywareDoctor + antivirus and never trust such malicious software afterwards.

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