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Posted by malwareremoval on January 29, 2010

PC Doc Pro is the latest product that has lately appeared on the market of rogues. It is rogue antispyware application that is pushed by the usage of Trojan. It comes stealthily inside your computer, while you are using possibilities of system scan from numerous misleading and insecure web pages. So, once inside this Trojan will install PC Doc Pro secretly from the victim. At the same time, it is going to drop tons of files with random paths into Windows\System 32 directory in order to detect those files as threats after each system scan PC Doc Pro is going to run after installation. What is more, without knowing the origin of the threats displayed, ordinary user will search for different solutions of the problem occurred. Then they will purchase absolutely worthless license to fight absolutely harmless files. Such technique of tricking and fooling uses every rogue antispyware application. Please note, that some of the files PC Doc Pro detects as infections may be extremely useful and necessary Windows parts and their removing will cause serious damages and will have a great impact on your computer productivity. What is more, PC Doc Pro will hijack your web browser, so it makes it very easy for this badware to control your internet traffic and makes it possible to deny access to security related web pages that are able to detect and remove PC Doc Pro from your computer. PC Doc Pro will try to modify Windows Security Center the way it will pop-up tons of annoying notifications about low security level without purchased license, or about an attempting of invasion from some other computer that was successfully blocked by PC Doc Pro. Please note, that this is just a way PC Doc Pro tries to influence you and take over your confidence. In reality, PC Doc Pro is very unwanted antispyware application that only pretends to be security tool, but indeed has nothing to do with computers’ protection.

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