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Posted by malwareremoval on February 3, 2010

XP Guardian is rogue antispyware application that is constantly attempts to enter your computer unnoticeably during your visiting of different misleading web pages that requires some updates in order to watch movies. Trojan with a help of which this badware is promoted pretends to be a part of some useful updates, but indeed it is going to download and install XP Guardian onto your PC. Once inside, XP Guardian is going to run system scan that will display tons of threats on your computer. Moreover, it will not allow removing those infections until you visit its official web site and purchase so called “registered” license. We strongly advise you not to purchase this scum, because all those files XP Guardian reports as threats are indeed absolutely harmless and were created by the same Trojan in order to mislead ordinary users out of their money. Be sure that these files don’t have to be removed with purchased license because they do nothing bad for your computer activity. What really makes a lot of impact on your computer is XP Guardian itself. It will protect itself very properly, so it would be very hard to remove it. XP Guardian is going to block all legitimate antivirus applications on your computer, so they could not interrupt its nasty work. Also, XP Guardian will get over your internet browsers that would open an access to your web activity. It will allow XP Guardian to deny all known security pages that are able to detect and remove XP Guardian from your PC. Last, but not least, XP Guardian never protects your computer from real infections, alerting only about imaginary. That is why, keeping XP Guardian as security software will not bring any profit. Moreover over different Trojans, adwares and malwares could easily invade your system while XP Guardian is running. For this reasons it is highly advised to get rid of XP Guardian as soon as possible using SpywareDoctor + antivirus until it is not too late.

Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove XP Guardian

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