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Posted by malwareremoval on February 12, 2010

Security Antivirus is unwanted application that is one of the latest products has lately appeared on the market of rogues. Security Antivirus is rogue security tool that is not so dangerous, as annoying, because it starts its nasty work immediately after you have logged on into your system. When it gets to the “heart” of your compute, this badware is going to run a fake scan and will determine countless infections inside your PC. Be sure and safe, because none o these threats can actually harm your computer. Everything they can do is to cut down your wallet, but this is it. That is why, it has been recommended not to trust Security Antivirus whatever it alerts about. Security Antivirus is very perfidious as it displays not only unreal infections, but also detects some imprescriptible parts of Windows, which removing will cost you even more troubles. While running Security Antivirus you will face tons of security alerts coming out from Windows Security Center. Such annoying pop-ups will inform you about new threats detection, or about not appropriate level of your computer’s security without purchased license. If letting Security Antivirus being running on your PC afterwards, be prepared to receive such bogus alerts so many times that it will interrupt your every action. Another thing you should know is that Security Antivirus will protect itself from being removing from the Internet. For this purpose, it will get over your web browser and will control your every step throughout the web. Moreover, it will send you random warnings about insecurity of some pages, but in fact such Internet sources could easily detect and remove Security Antivirus from your PC . All in all, Security Antivirus is very perilous software that only pretends being a security application, but instead is the powerful tool of stealing and scamming ordinary users out of their money. We strongly advice you to use Spyware Doctor + Antivirus to remove Specurity Antivirus.

Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove Security Antivirus

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