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Remove My Security Wall

Posted by malwareremoval on February 13, 2010

My Security Wall is rogue antispyware program that forges ahead this type of badwares. Like many other nasty applications of these creators, My Security Wall is pushed by the Trojan horse that pretends to be a part of important update that some misleading websites require in order to be able to watch movies online. Once inside, this Trojan is going to download and then install My Security Wall secretly on your PC. This badware is constructed the way it will start its work immediately after you have turned your computer on. You are going to face a system scan running by My Security Wall on your computer. This scan will state about countless infections being active inside your computer. Moreover, My Security Wall will not allow you to get rid of those threats until you visit badware’s official web page and purchase so called registered license. Please note that My Security Wall is rogue antispyware application, so nothing should be trusted no matter what this software alerts you about. Moreover, some of those detected threats could be extremely important Windows files, so they are not recommended to be removed under any circumstances. My Security Wall was constracted for one purpose: to scam victims out of their money. For this reason, My Security Wall will show fake Windows Security Center screen advising you to purchase license as your security level is extremely low. Also, it will pop-up fake security alerts and bogus notifications all over your desktop, so it would be very hard and annoying to work with your PC. Be sure, nothing is happening to your computer except My Security Wall. As you have already notice, My Security Wall is rogue antispyware application that has no profits in its usage. Even more, this badware scares users and scams them out of money. That is why My Security Wall is recommended to be removed from your beloved computer immediately after detection using SpywareDoctor + antivirus.

Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove My Security Wall

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